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Ethicronics provides innovative software solutions that address challenges in electronics hardware (security, sustainability, privacy...). One initial focus is on enhancing the security of electronics (see below). Our diverse team comprises experts in software engineering, software security, and integration.


Our Company (now)

At Ethicronics, we specialise in delivering hardware assurance solutions to fabless companies within sectors such as Defence, Aerospace, Automotive, Finance, and Telecommunications.

We recognise the critical importance of ensuring that the manufactured hardware conforms precisely to its design, devoid of counterfeit or compromised components. Our robust and scalable solution aids our clients in enhancing their security levels and reducing the risks associated with traditional methods of hardware assurance verification, such as image, electrical, or third-party based approaches.

With our expertise and commitment to excellence, we aspire to be the trusted partner for companies in need of reliable hardware assurance for their critical applications.

Ethicronics follows an ESPRC IAA Partnership Award hold by Dr Franck Courbon at the University of Cambridge (06/21 to 10/22), Ethicronics innovative approaches have received recognition and support from leading UK organisations/private sponsors

Contact Us

  • Ethicronics Ltd, Allia Future Business Center, The Guildhall, Market Hill, Cambridge CB2 3QJ, UK

  • +44 1223 666 777


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